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Class 2




Class Outline

In our second class we will be spending all of our time on Dubsado’s forms and for good reason. Building upon five different form types available, you can create contacts, memos, proposals, contracts, results letters, settlement agreements and so much more. It is ideal for document automation and saves not only time but cuts down on the chance of drafting errors in your documents. Forms are also highly customizable which provides great opportunities to creatively brand your business, documents, processes, and procedures. I will be sharing many form templates my firm I currently uses along with tips and tricks on how to creatively and effectively incorporate forms into your practice. Get ready to kiss Lexicata / Clio Grow and Google Forms / Sheets goodbye!


Forms in Dubsado is without a doubt the area I spend most of my time in and for good reason. Forms are highly customizable and really, the only limit on how to use them is your imagination. We will start off by going over the five different form types and when it is appropriate to use which form. They include:

  • Contracts

  • Sub-Agreements

  • Questionnaires

  • Proposals

  • Lead Capture

Next I will walk you through the building blocks each form offers including which forms have e-signature blocks. (No third party app or software required!) Demonstrating on forms I developed and currently use myself, I will show you how to create your own docs and how to incorporate your own brand’s identity into those templates. Then we will go through setting up a lead capture form which you can use on your brand’s website. With a lead capture form, potential clients will be able to enter their information into your intake and that information will automatically download into the potential client’s profile in Dubsado. This is an important first step in developing a consultation appointment scheduling process that requires no data entry, no phone calls, no emails, no separate ringing up of credit cards…nothing until it’s time to speak with the potential client! Finally, we will go through the custom fields Dubsado has already created for you and show you how to link that information in a document for automation purposes.

Office Hours & Videos

Class 1 Office Hours are scheduled for

The Office Hours session will be recorded and posted below as well for those unable to attend it live. Class and Office Hour videos are yours to review and download, I just ask that you respect copyright laws and not share them with others.




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Class 2

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Class 2 Office Hours


Suggested Next Steps

Here are some ideas on how to expand on some of the topics we covered this week.

  • Forms

    • Upload your brand elements like logos, slogans, font, letter head etc. into Dubsado’s images so you can use them on the various form templates you create

    • Play around with the form building blocks to get a feel for what they do and how the can be sized and aligned in a template

    • Create columns using the column block and think about how you may want to incorporate that feature into your documents

    • Review the

    • Try drafting a representation agreement using the Contracts form type adding your letter head, terms

    • Create your own intake form to use as a lead capture on your website

    • White paper the lead capture link so your firm’s name is all the client sees and not Dubsado

    • U