Initial Consultation appointments

Neon Esquire is happy to offer new prospective clients a one-time initial consultation. All initial consultation appointments:

  • Last up to 30 minutes in duration

  • Cost a flat rate of $75

  • Can be done by phone or at the Neon Esquire office in downtown Minneapolis

Scheduling a Neon Esquire consult: 5 easy steps

Signing up for an appointment is quick and easy with no scanning, printing, phone calls or faxing necessary. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose whether you want a consultation by phone or in person and click on the corresponding button below.

  2. Fill out the contact information form that automatically pops up and click the “Submit” button when finished.

  3. Check your email for a link to the consultation agreement. Read through the agreement, e-sign at the bottom and click “Submit” when done.

  4. Check your email again for a link to the consultation calendar and intake form. Pick a time and date that works best for you, answer the quick questionnaire and pay the $75 consult fee when prompted to secure your appointment time. *

  5. Check your inbox one last time for your confirmation email. If you see it…SUCCESS! This means you have successfully scheduled your consult appointment with Neon Esquire. You’ll want to save this email as it also contains specific instructions for the day of your meeting.

Consultation and Privacy Policy

*Please note that the system will not add your consultation appointment to the calendar if you do not pay the consult fee in full at the time you schedule the appointment. Neon Esquire only accepts credit card payments for initial consultation appointments and uses Stripe to securely processes your credit card information. Neon Esquire never receives your credit card number. The consult agreement you sign contains information regarding fee refunds and rescheduling an appointment.

Submitting the information form, scheduling or having a consultation appointment with Neon Esquire does not create an attorney-client relationship. To establish an attorney-client relationship, you will need to sign a separate engagement agreement which is only sent out at your request after the consult appointment. Information you provide during the consultation, including information collected from any of the forms, does remain confidential even if you decide not to retain Neon Esquire, LLC.


Initial consultation appointment times cannot be divided and scheduled on different days. Appointments are one per person or entity. Current or previous Neon Esquire clients are not eligible for initial consultation appointments nor are those who’ve already had a consultation appointment with Neon Esquire, LLC.