Neon Esquire, LLC is a boutique Minnesota law firm specializing in consulting with creative professionals. We represent, counsel and advocate on behalf of creative businesses, artists, designers, agencies and more. We exist to support and value modern businesses and creative people so they can focus on what they do best. Too Minnesota nice? We routinely have those conversations most Midwesterners would rather avoid. Let us take care of the stressful negotiations and strongly worded letters.

   Through our unique work experience, we know creative businesses are not your average business however; most other law firms treat them that way. Neon Esquire was created to provide a more industry-specific approach to these types of clients. Our legal training is specifically tailored so that we can best understand our clients’ present-day problems and are able to resolve those issues with innovative solutions.

   We use the law and legal problem-solving methods as very powerful tools to empower our clients. This means making sure your contracts actually help you. It means putting processes in place to make sure that you are paid on time and that your ideas are protected, all while establishing long-lasting positive relationships.

   Our client roster includes apparel brands, academics, fashion designers, marketing agencies, creative directors, advertising agencies, documentary filmmakers, small businesses owners and many other imaginative businesses. We’ve helped clients register their copyrights and trademarks, form their companies, develop best practice methods, fight previous employers, sell their companies, draft and negotiate sales / service agreements- even prepare for market with a mock market appointment! We try to service our clients’ specific needs in every (legal) way possible.


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