Welcome to the launch of Neon Esquire! It’s finally time. Our team has been busy laying the foundation for this new venture and we are excited to introduce you to who we are and what we offer.

So let’s get right to it…

What is Neon Esquire? We are a retail consultancy agency based in Minneapolis founded by Tara Murphy in 2014.  Our areas of focus include event planning and production, marketing, media relations, public speaking, branding, styling and fashion law.

Why the name? Neon is a two-part homage to Tara's love of science and all things neon-hued. Additionally, the name means "new one" in Greek. Combined with Tara's extensive law background, the name Neon Esquire represents this company's aim to offer designers, brands and clients a new and different approach to reaching their goals - whether that be producing a beautiful fashion show, building a new brand, securing trademarks or media placements and more. 

Our team is small but mighty with combined experience in runway show production, working with traditional and new media, commercial and editorial styling, fashion merchandising and intellectual property law. We've worked with talented local designers, national brands, innovative hair and makeup stylists, media of all forms and an array of fantastic local vendors.

So who are we? Tara is our fearless leader who we can always count on to bring the drive, passion and humor to everything we do. Neon Esquire's event production is lead by Josie Pace, a lady with impeccable style, smarts and constantly changing hair color. And our marketing/PR is in the hands of myself, Katie Schutrop, also known as the "designated music festival-goer." All of us met while working for MNfashion and producing events like The Shows (recently named Best Fashion Show 2014 by City Pages), Emerging Designer Showcase and Voltage for Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week.

Our team is already busy working on projects and events for the upcoming summer and fall including runways shows, showcases and speaking engagements. Stay tuned for more details very soon! Click to subscribe to our blog in a reader here. And don't forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Email for press/media inquiries and other collaborations.