YSL + Halston: Prints


(L) Yves Saint Laurent Pajama Set (R) Halston Pajama Set (Image via  FIT )

(L) Yves Saint Laurent Pajama Set (R) Halston Pajama Set (Image via FIT)

Yves Saint Laurent and Halston held parallel aesthetic ideas during the first half of the 1970s. At first glance, some of their garments from that time are so similar that it is difficult to discern who designed what.

Halston, however, employed innovative construction methodologies, and insisted that his designs be fluid and not in any way constrict the body. Saint Laurent, on the other hand, sometimes created garments with rigid, corset-like interiors akin to those employed during the 1950s by Christian Dior, at whose couture house Saint Laurent began his career. The diaphanous, halter-neck evening dress on view here is one example.

-The Museum at FIT

  1. Halston Blue pajama set, printed crepe de Chine, circa 1976, New York
  2. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Fuchsia and green pajama set, printed silk crepe, circa 1970, FR
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Purple full-length dress, printed silk chiffon, 1971, Paris
  4. Halston Navy full-length dress, printed knit cotton, circa 1976, New York
  5. Halston Red and white day dress, printed linen, circa 1977, New York
  6. Yves Saint Laurent  Pink day ensemble, printed silk crepe, circa 1975, Paris