YSL + Halston: Evening


Yves Saint Laurent Dress

Visual similarities between the work of Halston and Yves Saint Laurent, mainly from 1970 to the middle of the decade, indicate shared sensitivities to the zeitgeist of the times. One of their most significant stylistic influences was the Art Deco, or Art Moderne, revival.

Both designers created numerous dresses that echoed the sleek and streamlined aesthetic of the interwar years. Halston was also influenced by that era’s body-revealing swimwear. His racy, evocatively cut jumpsuit took the sporty, exposed body from the beach into the disco.

-The Museum at FIT

  1. Halston Off-white evening ensemble, silk crepe, metallic grommets, 1982, New York
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Off-white evening dress, silk satin, 1978, Paris
  3. Halston Black jumpsuit, silk jersey, circa 1976, New York
  4. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Red and gold evening dress, silk jersey and leather, 1974, France
  5. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Multi-color evening dress, printed silk chiffon, 1972, France
  6. Halston Purple dress and scarf, silk chiffon, circa 1975, New York