We Are Fashion People

Upon entering law school after years of working in the retail industry, one thing became glaringly clear: I had become "Fashion People." 

It didn't happen overnight and while I don't believe we are born this way, I do think some of us have more of a proclivity to wind up in the fashion world which then turns us into Fashion People. Whether it be our discerning taste, quick wit or our mildly dictator-like personalities, we are all called like a well-dressed moth to the fashion flame. 

What are the signs? For me it was recoiling in disgust upon learning people now wear sleep pants to school. Later on it was the ill fitting suits, the super sad looking sensible shoes and -gasp- the strong suggestion that I leave my favorite hot pink lipstick at home and go for a "natural look" at a moot court competition. Was my reaction to these and many other fashion confrontations logical? No. Of course not. I should be taking direction from well meaning, experienced professionals- even if it means dressing a part that I was never intended to play. Yet, I still could not bring myself to happily oblige. That's how I knew I had become Fashion People.

And while the self centric nature of Fashion People is at times a bit much- we are always the first in line to mock the crazy that is our Fashion People hangups. Bangs or no bangs? Harem pants: good or MC Hammer? And what is the difference between harem pants, drop crotch pants and those jogging pants all over stores these days?

P'Trique started the trend of trying to explain the phenomenon that is Fashion people in her "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say" video. Now, Vanity Fair's Michael Carl carries on the grand tradition of dissecting what Fashion Boys and Girls are all about including our feelings on sneakers which are admittedly dramatic.