The FAQs


No, you do not need a Dubsado account to partake in this course. I’ve created a replica of my Neon Esquire Dubsado setup (for client confidentiality reasons) so that I can teach the class using a screen share. That way, you will see precisely how I use Dubsado in my firm’s everyday business. However, I do think having your own Dubsado account will help you achieve more from the class overall. Each week you will be learning how to start to build Dubsado for your private practice. If you have any questions, we can address them at the Q&A session at the end of the week. Or, if you desire, you can schedule a one-on-one Dubsado consultation with me for an extra fee. If you don’t already have a Dubsado account, I recommend using my discount code to get one! See below!


Yes! By using my affiliate code, you get 20% off either your first month or first year of Dubsado. (Full disclosure, I get one free month of Dubsado for each person who signs up using my code. However, this is not unique to me. Anyone who signs up for a Dubsado account gets an affiliate code. You do not need to apply for it, it is automatic.) Simply go here to sign up for an account and enter in the following affiliate code: neonesquire

Is this course affiliated with Dubsado?

In no way is this course, nor am I affiliated with Dubsado. I informed one of the Dubsado founders I was starting a private group on Facebook called DubLaw specifically for lawyers to share tips and tricks. I also told them I was starting this class and selling my course as well as templates, workflows, etc. to other attorneys. She had zero issues with it and wished me luck! I get no money, training, materials, special treatment, or compensation from Dubsado other than the standard affiliate code mentioned above. This course is not vetted by Dubasdo, and they have no connection with it whatsoever.


The Monday videos will be made using Zoom and Vimeo. They will be posted via Vimeo to the class homepage. So you will be able to view them freely just by signing on to the class homepage using the unique password. To partake in Q&A sessions, you will need a Zoom account; however, you only need to set up a FREE Zoom account to access the live sessions. Like the Monday videos, Q&A sessions are recorded and posted to the class homepage via Vimeo. You may set up a free Zoom account here.


All content is recorded and will be available for replay via the class homepage. Monday class sessions are posted at 12 PM CST on Mondays. A recording of the live Q&A sessions is posted at 6 PM CST on Fridays.

WHAT ARE Q&A Sessions?

Q&A sessions are live via Zoom on Fridays from 12 PM-1 PM CST. I will be doing a screen share so I can adequately answer any questions you may have from that week’s class. If you are unable to attend a live Q&A session but have a question, please email it to the course email address here by no later than 6 PM PST Thursday night. I will make sure to answer all emailed queries in the following day’s Q&A session.

HOW LONG IS THE INTRO PRICE AVAILABLE and Why is it limited to 10 seats?

Since this is my initial DubLaw course offering, I’ve deeply discounted the class so I can see what bumps or kinks exist within my systems. Thus, the introductory price of $400 is valid for this initial course offering ONLY. I am limiting the class size to 10 seats because I want to make sure the program runs smoothly on a smaller scale before I amp up the number of students. While I don’t anticipate any problems, it is much easier to work out these issues with a smaller group than a larger one. This will also ensure I can provide quality assistance to all my students in these beginning stages of teaching the class. I will be raising the cost of the course to $800 after all ten seats are filled, so this introductory price is a great deal!

Are Refunds Available?

Given the deep discount of the introductory price and that all classes and Q&As are recorded, no refunds are available after the Class One video is posted on the course homepage.

What If I Want a private dubsado consultation?

Private one-on-one consulting is available at an hourly rate separate from the cost of the course, and payment for such time is required in full and upfront. Please contact me for more information here.

Are you planning on offering any more classes?

Yes, I am currently developing more specialized and advanced classes for attorneys who use Dubsado in their firms. If you have a specific course topic, you would like covered or if there is something else you want to see more of, please email me here and let me know!

Do you sell your templates, documents, workflows etc.?

I am currently getting together my own templates, documents, and workflows to sell as packaged bundles to those who are interested. While specific processes and materials like consults and onboarding are somewhat universal in nature, other workflows will skew more practice area-specific like business and IP law.